"The simplest thing I learned in the beginning was that the position of my head and neck were contributing to a lot to my problems and a simple change in this position resulted in a great benefit to me."

Tim, Massage Therapist -54

"After one year of the Aligned and Well program, I can finally move! I have lost my fear of falling, lost 60 pounds, and my balance is remarkable. I am finally out of pain!"

Kristen P., Registered Nurse - 46

“I had been suffering from chronic low back pain and tingling and numbness down my arms due to my job as dental hygienist and bad posture. I started doing Aligned and Well two months ago, the numbness is 90% gone and my back pain has completely disappeared. Years of suffering gone after only eight weeks…I am hooked for life!”

Stephanie R. - 36

“Five months ago I started Aligned and Well exercises to deal with my carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, and back spasms. Now I have no back pain, less pain in my arms, increased energy and new hope. I believe that Aligned and Well is the best thing to happen to the US Health industry, especially after so many physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and yoga instructors failed to help me. A and W is for everyone!”

Diane R., PhD - 61